Dampp-Chaser Corporation Values


Honesty elicits mutual respect and trust with each other.


Community and diversity encourage a healthy work environment with meaningful workplace relations at Dampp-Chaser.


Creativity is encouraged to prompt individuals to think outside of the box and be innovative.

We base our policies and key decisions on these core values while keeping the best interests of our customers and employees at the forefront of our minds.

Our Origins

The journey of Dampp-Chaser began in 1947 when Allen Foote, inspired by his experiences in tropical climates during World War II, invented the first Dampp-Chaser dehumidifier. Allen and his wife, Edna, assembled the first 100 units in their garage in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. By 1950, they moved to Hendersonville, NC, where Dampp-Chaser continues to thrive today.

Our Evolution

Originally the product was only a dehumidifier designed to protect pianos, organs, drums, and electronic equipment from high humidity. The Dampp-Chaser dehumidifier quickly gained popularity and split into two different products. The Piano Life Saver System includes a controller and the ability to humidify as well as dehumidify, helping protect and enhance pianos in nearly any climate. The dehumidifier also continues to be sold separately as the Damp Defender to protect storage and other smaller spaces as well as the important contents within from mold, mildew, musty odors, and rust.

In 1986, Allen retired, and Bob Mair took the reins. Bob’s tenure was marked by a steadfast commitment to innovation and collaboration with piano technicians, leading to numerous enhancements to the Humidistat and accessories. His efforts expanded the Piano Life Saver System’s capabilities and grew our presence in international markets.

When Bob retired in 2003, Gayle Mair and her husband, Roger Wheelock, assumed leadership of Dampp-Chaser. Under their guidance, the company has continued to thrive, releasing additional improvements to the Piano Life Saver System and expanding our distributor network to over 40 countries.

Our Commitment

At Dampp-Chaser, our mission is to bring high-quality products and services to both domestic and international markets. We strive to provide a positive influence in the communities where we operate and conduct our business with minimal environmental impact. We respect everyone with whom we have contact, fostering a culture of honesty, creativity, and community.

Today, millions of Dampp-Chaser products are in use around the world protecting pianos and other valuables from humidity extremes!